Notion Resume Template

Tim Falls
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Resume + Notion = 🥳

🖼️  A customizable template for creating a resume in Notion. 

☯️  Equal parts fun, self-expressive, clean, and simple. 

More than Lorem ipsum 

💡  Within the template, I offer thoughts and guidance on writing a resume that genuinely connects with the person reading it.

✂️ Pro-tips for exporting from Notion to PDF at *just the right size* to limit your resume to ≤2 pages. 

What do you get?

📑  After purchase, you'll get a link to the Notion page, which you can Duplicate to your Notion account and start editing to make it your own! 

I want this!

A Notion page for creating a simple, beautiful resume that let's *you* shine. 🌟

Created with love.
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